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About Us

We Are Professional Roof Truss Company in Oviedo FL

LaSalle Truss Corp – your professional roof truss company in Oviedo FL, has designed, manufactured, and supplied high-quality trusses for over 50 years. Wood roof trusses are our specialty products for residential, industrial, and commercial construction projects. We offer top-notch customer service, cutting-edge engineering, and a high-quality line of structural wood trusses. LaSalle Truss Corp prioritizes quality and its clients’ needs and utilizes the best materials. We specialize in designing and building trusses that generate an attractive roofline and are guaranteed to last due to our qualified staff and experienced designers.

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Why Choose Us?

LaSalle Truss Corp can add a truss to your property for strengthening or aesthetics. You can count on our knowledge and abilities for competent truss building and installation. From concept through delivery, you can count on us to be there for you at every turn. Modern computer software provides flexibility and distinctive structural design. Our engineered trusses now make complex roof designs with larger spans possible.

What we offer

Our Roof Truss Services

Being the most professional roof truss company in Oviedo FL, We Greatly Enjoy Outstanding Customer Service, High-Quality Products, And Affordable Prices.

Roof Truss Manufacturing

Our production sites have undergone inspection and certification by TPI.

Each facility has a highly qualified professional crew that ensures every task, regardless of size, is completed safely, promptly, and within budget.

Roof Renovation

Our production sites have undergone inspection and certification by TPI.

Our recognized structural engineering team is committed to assessing truss designs optimized for code compliance using exact software testing, calculations, and top-notch customer support.

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Customized Trusses

Our knowledgeable advisors will work with you at every stage, from creating ideas utilizing the most up-to-date software to manufacturing our finished product, from a blueprint to a building.


With the help of our cutting-edge design, engineering, and manufacturing team, we can build trusses specifically for you while guaranteeing correctness and steady precision on every truss.

Optimized Designs

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, our skilled designers will produce trusses that precisely match your requirements. Our manufacturing team uses digital saws and laser technology to guarantee precise setup and profiles.

With 50 Years Of Roof Truss Experience, You Can Trust

On-Site Created Trusses

As we are the Oviedo’s most professional roof truss company, our sustainable structural engineers at LaSalle Truss Corp provide structural analysis and design of site-built lumber trusses. We are affiliated with 48 Lumber and can assist if you require a custom wooden truss design that a truss manufacturer cannot provide. Our qualified structural engineers can design all sorts of lumber trusses with efficiency and security in mind. Lumber trusses come in a range of sizes, styles, and shapes. Each truss is built to withstand a particular kind of loading. To schedule a consultation for roof trusses at your site, call 321-277-5604.